Metal Polish

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Toughshield Polish has been formulated to clean, polish and protect all metals in one application.  Our protective coating is designed to last 3 to 6 months.  Toughshield Polish contains no harsh acids, caustics or abrasives. It's safe on all metals, fiberglass, Gel-Coat, Plexiglas and painted surfaces.

Toughshield polish has been developed for use in the marine , aviation, automotive, motorcycle and maintenance industries. Use Touughshield polish on bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, pewter, nickel, sterling silver plate and factory blued guns. Test plated metals in a inconspicuous area before use. Toughshield Polish is excellent to clean and dioxidize fiberglass; it removes cloudiness from Plexiglas, cleans vinyl, eisenglass or lexan.

Also can be used for removal of Hard water-spots on auto glass with #0000 steel wool!